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welcome mermaids!

Do you want to learn how to surf with a fun and supportive group of females? Are you ready to live a more courageous and confident life? Do you want to be a Mermaid?! We thought so...

Mermaid Surf is an all-female surf school in Wrightsville Beach, NC. Our mission is to empower females through surfing, self-love, and sisterhood. 

Join us for a transformational surf experience that will awaken the mermaid within you. Your journey starts with just one wave. Dive in and join the Mermaids!

Mermaid Surf School offers a variety of surf programs for females of all ages, sizes, and abilities. We will help you achieve your personal goals while supporting your unique style. You will be welcomed into a community of super stoked surfers who have your back. 

Just a friendly reminder: Surfing is not about how you look, it's about how you feel. We want you to feel safe, supported, and totally stoked! We look forward to surfing with you and having you join the Mermaid Surf sisterhood. 

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