Mermaid vibez 🧜🏽‍♀️_•_•_•_#mermaidsurf

Welcome Mermaids! 

Are you ready to dive in and release the Mermaid within?

Join Mermaid Surf for a highly specialized, supportive, and fun surf experience that will set your inner-mermaid free!  We believe surfing is a transformational experience that will help you break through limiting beliefs, overcome your fears, and dive into a life filled with more self-confidence and courage. Join us and experience the magic! 

Mission: empower females through surfing, self-confidence, and sisterhood

Mermaid; the confident free-spirit that lives within us all!

Surfing: a fun and empowering experience 

Self-confidence: a feeling of trust in oneself 

Sisterhood: a group of deeply connected females who love and support each other unconditionally